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Repair & Refurbishment Services

Companies products are based on the value perceived by their customer. If there is an issue with their product, the customer would expect a quick an easy solution with minimal downtime. For many companies this can be a hassle to manage this piece in house. For this reason, VIA Engineering offers Repair and Refurbishment services as an option for our customers.

Remove the worry of managing the Repair/ Refurbishment Process

We offer world class service repair options for our customers. We have a highly-trained team, that can repair the product, test, track and return to your customers within a timely manner. We also offer refurbishment services to customers. We retain a pool of products that have been reconditioned, tested, and available to turnaround to the customer, within a timely manner. VIA Engineering can remove the stress by storing these products within our domain, without you having to store them at your facility. These services can be offered as your sole Repair/Refurbishment center, or an extension to our manufacturing services.

Schedule a consultation with Via Engineering on becoming your Repair Center. In addition, we offer World Class product design, Prototyping, PCB design, and a myriad of other benefits. Contact us to be your partner on a full product solution.